“Who Are The 1 Percent?”

By The Ed Show

One percent-ers beware– Brave New Foundation’s Robert Greenwald and 10 progressive media outlets have started a campaign to expose those “Americans [who] have enriched themselves at the expense of everyone else”.. and they’re calling on the public to name names. There are two criteria: “they have to be in the wealthiest 1%, meaning a net worth over $9 million, and they have to be using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%. The rest is up to you.”

They’ll compile the reader-sourced suggestions (coming in from all 11 sites) as nominees for the “worst of the 1 percent” and hold a vote– the winners(?) will be profiled in digital films (once again, with reader-sourced information) which will be released online through Brave New Foundation. “We want to support the Occupy movement in any way we can, and we’re hoping one way is to make these available to ground Occupy actions,” Greenwald told Huffington Post.

To check out who’s been nominated so far you can head here.

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