Who We Are Phoenix Police Officer Blasts SB 1070 in Web Video

By Staff at Fox Phoenix

PHOENIX – A Phoenix Police officer is facing discipline, after he appears in a YouTube video, publicly blasting Arizona’s new immigration law.

Officer Paul Dobson is seen on the video calling SB 1070 “racist” and saying it makes him feel like “a Nazi.”

Dobson is now being investigated by the Department for Rules Violations.

“If an officer doesn’t follow the guidelines for media appearances and public presentations, then we as a department take a look at that,” says Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump. “this is not about what somebody said, this is about what you have authorization to do.”

The police union is defending Dobson — saying punishing him would be a double standard — because the Chief of Police, Jack Harris himself, has voiced his opposition to SB 1070.

“just because you come to work for Phoenix Police and swear to uphold the constitution and laws of the state, doesn’t mean you should have to give up and forfeit your constitutional rights,” says Joe Clure from the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

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