Arizona Law Leads to Online Organizing by Latinos

By Roy Temple at Cassidy Digital  Strategies

When Arizona’s S.B. 1070 was signed into law by the Governor, there were many effects its sponsors intended, but somehow I doubt that a burst of online organizing by Latinos was one of them.  However, the efforts by one group, Cuéntame, suggest that might be one of the more significant outcomes of this entire controversy.

Axel Woolfolk, Co-founder of Cuéntame puts it this way:

“The response to the Arizona law proves that Latinos have arrived to the world of social media activism. This campaign represents the first major Latino mobilization in light of the 2010 mid-term elections. Within hours of the launch of our campaign, thousands flocked to our Cuéntame Facebook page within a matter of hours, highlighting the fact that Latinos are hungry and ready to participate in online social network activism.”

Since April 23rd, when Governor Brewer signed the legislation, Cuéntame has been busily organizing.  The group now has over 28,000 Fans on Facebook, and was active at yesterday’s rally in Los Angeles.  They also have their first video up and have T-shirts to support their “Do I Look Illegal” campaign.

It’s also worth noting how integrated their online and offline organizing efforts appear to be.  This effort will be instructive on many fronts.

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