Billboard continues to stir immigration debate

By Karla Ronquillo at CBS

PHOENIX, AZ (KOLD) – A hispanic rights group is reminding people in Arizona that the fight over the new immigration law is not over.

Brave New Foundation put up a billboard in central Phoenix that says, “Bring Your Papers… Racial Profiling Just Ahead”.

The group is based out of Culver City, California.

Organizers paid for the billboard through donations to the Facebook page called “Cuentame” with 40,000 members.

Cuentame is an online immigration forum that has focused on Arizona’s new law, known as SB1070.

Even though parts of the law were blocked by a federal judge before it took effect, the group calls it unfair and unacceptable.

The law would allow police, while enforcing other laws, to question the citizenship of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally.

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