Border Boletín: Do I look illegal?

By Brady Mc Combs at Arizona Daily Star

Two facebook pages have been launched this week to express opposition to the state’s sweeping immigration enforcement law. One is selling t-shirts at $15 a pop that say, “Do I look illegal” and the other is page called, “I may live in Arizona, but I’m not insane.”


“Do I look illegal?”

The “Cuéntame” group on facebook says:

“In response to the heinous bill signed into law by AZ Gov. Jan Brewer, we decided to send the Arizona government a message: RACIAL PROFILING IS WRONG AND RACIST!

Your donation of $15 get you this limited edition Cuéntame T-shirt and will also ALLOW Cuéntame to produce a SERIES OF VIDEOS AND ACTIONS exposing the AZ government in their attempt to institutionalize a Latino persecution.”

Here is what their press release said:

“It is racial persecution. It is institutionalized discrimination. It is a direct and blatant attack on the Latino community. The bill signed into law this week by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is a major setback in the fight for equality and civil rights.

Your appearance, your clothes, your language, your location, your activities or anything that may trigger suspicion is now grounds for detention. So in response to this heinous bill, we decided to send the Arizona governor and the state legislature a challenge: Answer this question – Do I Look “Illegal”?

Latino or not, let us stand together and fight back against these forces of racism. We have produced T-shirts to tell the Arizona government that we will not stand idle as they trump the basic civil rights of any minority.

Your contribution of $15 will not only get you one of the T-Shirts but will also allow Brave New Foundation’s Cuéntame to produce a series of videos and actions that will expose the Arizona government for their attempt to institutionalize a Latino persecution.


We have also launched a pledge to boycott the state of Arizona until this law is stricken down. Sign the petition today and tell Arizona that you boycott intolerance and persecution.

We are fed up and are ready to fight back! Are you with us?”


“I may live in Arizona, but I’m not insane.”

Here’s the description: “Horrified by daily stories of our Administration proposing or passing some ridiculous law? Join IMLIABINI for news, updates, and to show people that, we the sane, don’t support the madhouse antics of Brewer, Arpaio, et al.”

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