Brave New Foundation Hits Back after Koch-Funded Americans for Prosperity Attacks Their Video

By Sarah Seltzer at AlterNet

After Brave New Foundation’s searing video, exposing the role Koch-funded organizations like Americans for Prosperity are taking in the re-segregation of schools and the undermining of public education’s very foundations, began circulating on the internet, the group naturally expected some blowback.

And naturally, it came, albeit poorly and someone incoherently, from AFP branches around the country.

Here’s BNF’s own explanation of what that response was like:

iThe Koch brothers – founders of the Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity – were the subject of our latest investigative video, “Why Do the Koch Brothers Want to End Public Education?”

AFP didn’t much like it, and that’s disappointing. With its extensive track record of influencing and  supporting elections – all adverbs are appropriate – we would think AFP would’ve taken another victory lap after our video.

They have done so previously.

Following the 2009 Wake County school board election, Americans for Prosperity waited a few months before publically popping champagne bottles. The blog entitled, “Your grassroots action really paid off in Wake County Public Schools,” is a self-congratulatory missive AFP published. In light of the role AFP played in Wake County, the blog post affirms its active role in repealing and replacing successful school integration policies.

… Americans for Prosperity has a track record of pleading ignorance and feigning innocence elsewhere too. ..

We are disappointed AFP doesn’t like our work, research, interviews or personal stories that reflect a pleasant working and middle class community trying to fight against outside right-wing agitation and influence.

But Americans for Prosperity goes further, and we’re amused its North Carolina chapter made embarrassing mistakes in its attempt to erase a story about its influence in the state. AFP got our name wrong. We are Brave New Foundation, not Brave New Films. The group got our President’s name wrong. His name is Robert Greenwald, not Robert Greenwell.

The mixture of backpedaling, attacks and hysteria caused by the BNF video (link here) show that they’ve truly hit a nerve and that AFP knows this exposure can harm its reputation irreparably.

Read more and watch the video here.

And read our own Adele Stan’s riveting article on the AFP’s attacks on education here.

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