Campaign for America’s Future: Who Are The 1%?

By Dave Johnson at Campaign for America’s Future

Who are the 1%?

Who is getting rich exploiting the 99%? Meet the worst of the 1%. This is a series of 1-minute videos by Brave New Films.

“The 1% in 1 Minute. These videos show the facts, plain and simple. Share them with your friends and family so Americans can understand exactly how their democracy is being taken from them.”

Click through to see the rest! From the site:


In just the last generation, the richest 1% almost quadrupled their incomes.

The average wealth of the 1% is 225 times bigger than the wealth of the typical household – the highest it’s ever been.

Three decades ago, CEOs made about 40 times as much as an average worker – now CEOs make almost 200 times as much as regular employees.

Last year, half of Americans earned less than $26,000 while CEOs at top 500 companies raked in an average of $11 million.

Over the past decade, earnings for middle-class Americans actually fell. In fact, working Americans’ wages are now a lower percentage of our economy than they’ve ever been.

The divide between the richest and the poorest is worse in America than it is in nearly all of Europe and Asia and much of Africa. It’s about as bad as in Rwanda and Serbia – and it’s bad for our economy.

The 1% is not an accident – it is the result of policies our government chose to pursue.

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