Eurweb: New Animated Film Highlighting the Myth of Voter Fraud

By Lee Bailey's Eurweb

Washington, DC) – Today the NAACP, in collaboration with Brave New Foundation, released an animated short highlighting the myth of in-person voter fraud in U.S. elections.

“Dangerous World” points out the absurdity in imposing strict voter ID laws to stop the 1 and 2.3 million chance that a person would commit voter fraud.   View the film here: 


The video demonstrates the fact that you are more likely to be struck by lightening, drowned in a bathtub, killed by a swarm of bees, or have witnessed a massive asteroid destroy the planet then commit an act of voter fraud.

“Proponents, in states like Pennsylvania, have unearthed little to no evidence of voter impersonation fraud,” said Benjamin Todd Jealous, President & CEO of the NAACP. “Yet, in the past two years, states have passed more laws to block more people from the ballot box since the dawn of the Jim Crow era.  Suppressing the vote diminishes election integrity by nurturing a political environment that ignores democracy and sustains social, economic, and ethnic disparities in today’s society.”

“The NAACP will continue to educate communities about suppressive voting laws and will fight until misguided and malicious laws like these are wiped from the books.”

The video is one of a series of films the NAACP has developed with Brave New Foundation to expose the coordinated attacks on voting rights.  Last December the NAACP released the film “We Will Stand” that highlights the new voter photo identification laws in South Carolina and introduces viewers to Brenda Williams, a community doctor who is fighting back by donating both her time and money to help her indigent patients get their identification.

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