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“There is a lot of ignorance and also a language barrier,” says Giselle, describing what it’s like to be a young lesbian in the Latino community. “There’s not a lot of information out there for them that’s in Spanish. We get lost in translation. And I think that’s why there’s so much lack of acceptance and ignorance toward the subject.”

Giselle’s story is seen in a new video campaign called “An Honest Conversation,” which focuses exclusively on LGBTQ issues in the Latino community. It was produced by the website Cuéntame to create a direct, sober, honest and often painful portrayal of stories from LGBTQ Latino youth, their friends, families and the community in general. From bullying to abuse, struggle to triumph, this ground-breaking series aims to break taboos within the Latino community while changing paradigms within this fast-shifting demographic.

Cultural and religious factors often make discussing LGBTQ issues a daunting task within the Latino community. To be completely open and honest can be even harder. However Cuéntame’s founder and producer, Axel Caballero, believes that “with more information available for Latinos to read and share, we can provide youth with support systems that help prevent tragedies, bullying and intolerance. Through such powerful, direct stories we are opening a nationwide honest conversation to prompt discussions at the holiday or Sunday dinner table, and into the lives of many Latinos in America.”

Cuéntame is releasing five videos targeting particular LGBTQ/Latino issues from a variety of perspectives. The first two have just comes out, and we’ll be showing them all on over the coming weeks. The first features Giselle, who encountered harsh bullying and gay bashing, which prompted her family to move her to Lubbock, TX to become “straight and safe.”

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