Greenwald: Koch Brothers Fund Voter Suppression for Minorities, Elderly, Students

By Prof Juan Cole at Informed Comment

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films exposes the most aggressive interference in the ability of Americans to vote since sheriffs in the Deep South stopped giving African-Americans that Latin exam.

The number of states in which there has been a tightening of voter i.d. requirements, which are arguably unconstitutional, has tripled in recent years.

Obviously, the US if you take the entire population is a center-left country, but it can be configured as a right wing country if you just kick enough people off the voting rolls on various pretexts.

The 99% are increasingly in a fight not just for their homes, their jobs, their livelihoods, with the top 1%. They are now even in a fight for their democratic participation.

There is a word for people who can be tricked out of their homes and then not allowed to vote because they don’t have a stable address: slaves.


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