New Film Exposes Connection Between the Kochs and a Small Community Dying of Cancer

A new video from Brave New Foundation shows how people are paying the ultimate price for the Koch brothers’ politics and profiteering.

by Tara Lohan at Alternet 

“What we’ve been doing with our ‘Koch Brothers Exposed’ project is connecting the dots: explaining the size and scope of what they’re doing, which is really nothing short of trying to buy democracy,” said Greenwald, the president of Brave New Foundation. (Full disclosure: Greenwald is on AlterNet’s board of directors.) ”What we’ve done with each of the Koch pieces is to use specific stories to depict people’s lives and show that ideology has consequences. What the Kochs are doing is not harmless, it is not victimless, and there are people who are paying a terrible price for the brothers’ politics and their profiteering.”

Click here for the full story.

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