New Valley billboard warns of racial profiling

By Corey Rangel at ABC

PHOENIX – A new billboard set up protesting Arizona’s immigration law has a bold message for Phoenix drivers.

The billboard at 3rd Street and Camelback warns: “Have your papers ready – Racial profiling just ahead.”

A California organization, Brave New Foundation, paid for the sign by collecting online donations organized through a Facebook page.

The organization said it put up the billboard because it wants state lawmakers to know the fight against Senate Bill 1070 is not over even though a federal judge put most of the law on hold.

“We know the government and the folks that are behind this law are pushing forward and they’re not gonna stop. We know there are elections around the corner and this is an issue that will have an impact, at least in the discussion, so we believe if they’re continuing to fight, we must continue the fight as well,” said Axel Caballero, who established the fan site for Brave New Foundation.

Caballero said the organization carefully chose the location in Central Phoenix.

“We know the light rail is there, we know there’s tourism in the area, business in the area, and so we specifically targeted the area to make sure our message was available to the most varied and most amount of people,” said Caballero.

The online group, Cuéntame, raised $10,000 for the sign which will be up for about a month.

Caballero said the group will consider putting up more signs in other areas.

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