Officer has right to express opinion

By Joy Fujii at Arizona Republic

Paul Dobson, a Phoenix police officer, was recently interviewed on Cuéntame (éntame), an online community, during which he voiced his opinions and reservations about Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070.

Dobson made it clear that he was speaking on his own behalf. However, he is now under investigation by the Phoenix Police Department’s Professional Standards Bureau for exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

We demand that the Professional Standards Bureau stop its investigation of Dobson immediately.

After 20 years of dutiful service, Dobson is being singled out, even though other police officers have publicly criticized SB 1070 and have not been placed under investigation.

This investigation is a brazen and unconstitutional attempt to silence the voice of Dobson and those who have similar opinions. It is a violation of his First Amendment right.

We must protect the right of every voice to be heard.

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