Our Ability to Vote Is in Peril: Millions of African Americans could be shut out at the polls a year from now on Election Day 2012.

By Judith Browne Dianis at The Root

Today Americans are going to the polls to vote in state and local elections. But one year from now, millions of black Americans could find themselves shut out of that essential democratic right.

A film by Brave New Foundation released today (see an excerpt below) highlights the backing of the billionaire Koch brothers for voter-suppression efforts around the nation. It is no accident that the same corporate interests that have fueled the anger against economic injustice voiced by the Occupy Wall Street movement would deny 99 percent of Americans the expansive democracy tirelessly championed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. It promises a dangerous restructuring of our nation and stacks the deck against the 99 percent.
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