Phoenix Police Officer Speaks Out on SB 1070 Video Rant

By Alex Savidge at Fox 10, Phoenix

PHOENIX – A Phoenix police officer is in trouble for putting his opinion of Arizona’s immigration law on the internet.

Officer Paul Dobson was seen in an online video speaking directly into the camera, calling SB 1070 racist and saying it made him feel like a Nazi.

The video was posted on YouTube and Facebook .

The officer was reprimanded by his supervisors for taking part in the video. But Thursday, he told us he doesn’t believe he violated department guidelines, and he’s glad he did it.

“I have absolutely no regrets… this is something that needs to be said,” says Dobson, who added that he’s not speaking as a police officer but as an individual.

“The law clearly reflected hatred, out and out hatred for a group of people that don’t deserve hatred.”

Dobson says his personal feelings will keep him from fully enforcing the immigration law, and that there could be times he holds back.

“Turning my back on developing probable cause, where I might have reasonable suspicion. I could see myself in that circumstance with my peers, and pleading with them, arguing with them, convince them not to press the investigation.”

Dobson says he knows the department could be sued if he doesn’t investigate someone’s immigration status, but he says, “I’m not going to commit acts of inhumanity.”

“If an officer doesn’t follow the guidelines for media appearances and public presentations, then we as a department take a look at that,” says Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump. “this is not about what somebody said, this is about what you have authorization to do.”

The police union is defending Dobson — saying punishing him would be a double standard — because the Chief of Police, Jack Harris himself, has voiced his opposition to SB 1070.

The video was produced by a non-profit group.

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