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Securing rights for workers and immigrants. Funding clean energy. Ending the war in Afghanistan. While the issues they care about may differ, Brave New Foundation’s Producers Circle donors share a commitment to impacting progressive change.

Will you be part of changing the public narrative and driving social change?

When you make an annual gift of $500 or more to Brave New Foundation, you become a member of our Producers Circle. Your gift provides us with the resources and ability to inspire, empower and motivate people to makes a difference.

Will you become a Producers Circle donor?

As a member of Producers Circle, you will receive:

  • Exclusive invitations for LIVE tapings of Conversations, which will give you up-close and personal access to the progressive heroes, like Shepard Fairey and Oliver Stone, who are shaping change and making a difference.
  • Advance notice and early access to copies of all new Brave New Foundation projects.
  • Project summaries, like this 16 Deaths per Day report, which summarize the impact of our projects.
  • Invitations to special briefings and social events.
  • Recognition as a Producers Circle donor in our Annual Report. 2010 Annual Report for your review.
  • To learn more about Brave New Foundation’s Producers Circle, please contact Jim Miller.


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