Robert Greenwald Partners With Progressive Media For ‘Who Are The One Percent?’ Series

By Zach Carter at Huffington Post

Inspired by the Occupy movement, 10 progressive media outlets are crowd-sourcing contributions for a film series dubbed “Who Are The One Percent?” focusing on economic inequality and political corruption.

The project, led by filmmaker Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Foundation, will seek input from progressive readers and viewers for in-depth profiles of about a dozen very wealthy individuals who use their financial power to extract wealth from others by exploiting the political process.

Greenwald specifically hopes the films will be shown at Occupy events.

“We want to support the Occupy movement in any way we can, and we’re hoping one way is to make these available to ground Occupy actions,” Greenwald told HuffPost.

Beginning Thursday, readers can go to Brave New Foundation’s website and suggest people who should be profiled. They’ll also be able to vote on others’ suggestions. Once the audience has settled on subjects for the films, they’ll be encouraged to send in information on the wealthy targets.

The films will all be released online digitally through Brave New Foundation. They will be supplemented by material from AlterNet, The Nation, The Center for Media and Democracy, Truthout, The Young Turks and other outlets, which will all be seeking input from their own readers and listeners.

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