VIDEO: Do I Look Illegal? – White Student in Chicago, IL

By Kevin Gosztola at OpEd News

After being present at a boycott action outside Wrigley Field stadium against the owners of the Arizona Diamondbacks who have financially supported the very people pushing the new Arizona immigration law and before May Day, a day to stand in solidarity with all workers and immigrants, I began to ponder the following question:

“Do I Look Illegal?”

In the above video, I explored this question. I posted around 4 pm CT yesterday. By noon CT today, I have 10 comments. A combination of inflammatory and celebratory comments have been posted on this video, which starts a conversation.

Brave New Films director Robert Greenwald has a post on this question.

Cuentame on Facebook is leading a “Do I Look Illegal?” campaign.

When we ponder what it means to be illegal, it is impossible to not conclude that there is an overt agenda against anyone who is perceived to have immigrated here from Mexico. The Arizona immigration law puts all who have come from Mexico on notice and requires them to carry papers, show them when asked or else.

If you aren’t Latino or Hispanic looking, what are the chances you get asked to show your papers? You probably won’t be asked. But, if one group has to show papers, we all should have to show papers. We all should be illegals.

Take a moment to explain what it means to be illegal. Leave a comment on this video or others asking, “Do I Look Illegal?”

And, for all the workers and immigrants, happy May Day!

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