What are the Koch brothers teaching your children?

By The Ed Show Staff

A new, must-see video short exposes how Charles and David Koch, the wealthy conservative businessmen who fund a number of right-wing causes, are curtailing intellectual freedom and independence at our colleges and universities — even by buying off departments and controlling the professor hiring process.

From our friends at Brave New Foundation, the video “Are The Koch Brothers Teaching You?,” reveals an “old fashioned quid pro quo” where the Koch brothers have agreed to donate money to get professors to teach the “values of the 19th Century Guilded Age” to students at some 150 American colleges and universities.

Here’s the scary part, according to Brave New Foundation:

“The Charles Koch Charitable Foundation has given more than $14.39 million in grants to universities like Florida State, Auburn, Clemson, West Virginia and Utah State. All five campuses are in financial agreements with Koch-supported groups requiring the university to hire candidates who adhere to defined ideological guidelines. In some cases, the Koch-supported groups recommend candidates to the faculty or have sway over the college’s hiring committee.” 

Would you send your kid to one of these schools?

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